About aluminium

The myth that aluminium does not seem to feature good heat isolation qualities, and it gets covered by water droplets, are denied by facts that speak for themselves. Using aluminium profiles that have been thermally isolated by insulating plastic window inserts, aluminium systems are in no way inferior to the systems where other materials are used. Thermal conduction ratio of the window system “Schüco Royal S 75.HI+” (HI = high insulation) equals 1.3 Uw, which corresponds to thermal insulation features of wood.


To manufacture window and facade systems aluminium is becoming increasingly used – the material that has conquered many global markets and enables implementation of unique projects in construction of private home and commercial buildings. This high-quality and particularly durable material is unique in its flexibility and for the wide choice of colours offered. Many builders prefer this material because of the possibility to create a smooth construction appearance design and a wide choice of aluminium glazing formats for sliding doors, exterior doors and windows.