Hook and pin lock

  • Burglar resistance up to WK3
  • Lock shutter with 2 points – hook and pin
  • Stainless steel plate


3-point hook and pin lock

  • Lock shutter with 3-points – the hook and 2 pins
  • Innovation in the material of locks, that the front plate and the core plate is made of austenitic stainless steel and ferritic steel at
  • Particularly suitable for use in the areas with more stringent requirements for protection against corrosion (e.g. within the boundaries of coastal territories)
  • Ability to install electric damper
  • Latches are easy to replace
  • Potential for resistance to burglary up to WK3


Self-locking lock

  • Self-locking lock for commercial and residential projects
  • Anti-panic version under DIN EN 1125/179
  • Double-leaf anti-panic doors can also be WK2
  • It is possible to have an electronically controlled version
  • Especially suitable for using in large commercial projects, due to the new Schüco lock design


Easy-to-use lock

  • Easy to use, user-friendly lock
  • The cylinder is above the handle, an innovative multi-point lock is at a convenient height, making it easy to lock or unlock the door
  • Schüco SoftLock latch reduces the noise of closing, as well as ensures possible resistance to burglary up to WK3