Standard mounted hinges

  • External hinges are made on the basis of practicality, safety and design, in order to facilitate compatibility with modern design and meet the design requirements
  • New specific anchor bolts of direct determination with direct fixing, allow fast production
  • Smooth, solid hinge is made of stainless steel, therefore the hinges are strong enough
  • Easier control and setting possibilities
  • Horizontally: ± 2.5 mm
  • Vertically: from 3 mm / – 2 mm
  • Gasket pressure: ± 0.5 mm
  • Resists leaf weight load up to 200 kg
  • Hinges do not require any additional maintenance or service


180˚ concealed door hinges

  • 100% not requiring any maintenance or service
  • The hidden hinge offers excellent protection against dirt and atmospheric impact
  • Burglar resistance up to WK2, for 180 ° concealed hinges
  • Improved stability due to optimized fixing, using anchor locking technology
  • Resists leaf weight load up to 180 kg
  • The hinges can be easily assembled and disassembled, and even a few times without any problems
  • Adjustment ranges:
    • ± 1.5 mm horizontally and
    • ± 3 mm vertically


Barrel hinges

  • The hinges withstand the maximum weight load of 200 kg
  • The hinges have been tested and certified by an accredited testing centre up to 1 million cycles in accordance with DIN EN 12400
  • Innovative fixing of mounting, easily setting the constructions of two-way door opening directions
  • While, adjusting, no need to remove the leaf
  • Increased stability and concentration of the entire external frame
  • Optimal Control Range:
    • ± 1.5 mm horizontal adjustment
    • ± 3 mm vertical adjustment