Winter Gardens – life surrounded by nature

Human exposure to air, light and nature not only is the guarantee of good mood, but also has a positive effect on well-being. A conservatory can help you create an oasis of tranquillity at home and throughout the year to enjoy the surrounding greenery and light. Winter garden will be the place to relax, and also to let more light into the house space. Each season has its own peculiar charm, and a conservatory will allow you to enjoy every one of them on a cold or rainy day. You will enjoy nature waking up in spring, golden autumn, and without the fear of cold “touch” to the white winter idyll. Winter garden modules consist of perfectly matched components. Because of the diversity in application possibilities, winter gardens can be individually tailored to fit your building style. Temperature and humidity requires that the parts used in conservatories are made from high quality materials. Our conservatories offered, for their thermal profiles and highest quality glass, comply with the Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV).